Wildfire Swap 🔥


Protect people's homes from raging forest fires by tile-swapping your way out of tricky puzzles in Wildfire Swap.

  • Swap tiles to change the course of burning fires

  • Solve a series of increasingly interesting puzzles

  • Challenge yourself with optional, more complex puzzles

  • Discover surprisingly deep interactions between many different tile types

  • Enjoy a simple pixel art aesthetic

Wildfire Swap is a puzzle game where you're presented with a grid of houses, trees, and fires. Each turn you're allowed to swap two adjacent tiles with eachother to try and move the houses to a safe position.

However, every time you make a swap, all of the fires on the map spread to nearby flammable tiles. Your goal is to create a fire break of cleared land between all the houses in a level and the surrounding flames.

Keep Up to Date

I'm currently building the full release desktop version of Wildfire Swap. Follow my development progress on Twitter! 🐦

A Brief History

The original prototype for Wildfire Swap was created in an evening as a late entry to Ludum Dare 41. The theme was "Mix two incompatible genres". Wildfire Swap mixes tileswapping games like Bejeweled and Conway's Game of Life.

In the game jam version of Wildfire Swap, all of the levels were randomly generated. While playing with this prototype, I began to wonder what curated puzzles would look like. That thought hung out in the back of my mind for many, many months until I started development on this version of Wildfire Swap in January 2019.

Play the original prototype of the game on Itch.io.